Thursday, 30 December 2010

Revell 1:24 Mercedes 190 SL Roadster

Ive started this while i wait for my scribing template to arrive to allow me to continue my Phantom f4 build.

I got this from Modelzone reduced from £15.99 to £5.99. Its a re-issue of a 1960's kit using the original mould (which you can see in places).

Forgot to get a sprue shot so here are the first few componants together and primed.

As you can see all the kit is red bar 1 chrome sprue.

The body was not a one piece shell and it had to be built from the separate pieces, bit of a pain but different i guess.

The bonnet, boot and roof have all been primed and given a first coat of my chosen colour of vallejo air light sea blue.

The body has had a coat of white primer and some filler which has then been sanded back ad i gave the underneath a coat of the light blue.

Little bit more progress today a bit more filling primer and alot of sanding ive got the body as good as i can get it but its far from perfect. Got a couple of coats of the blue on then about 3 coats of klear. Seats have been painted sandy brown and ive left it all as ive had enough today lol.

Well its finished but its far from perfect as its an awful quality kit, its age really does show. I nearly gave up on it a couple of times today but just got on with it.

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