Monday, 27 December 2010

Revell 1:350 Type VII Uboat

Well after completing my Bismark i thought this would make a good companion on its shelf.

To be fair its a nice little kit, it took me all off 45 mins to complete gluing it together and i now have eye strain

Ill say one thing how small is this thing

Right after a bit of help on the scale models forum, this uboat will be U556 which had a few connections with the bismarck so its fitting that i do this version, some info can be found here

After some research i have decide on this paint scheme

Ive sprayed the bottom of the hull Dark sea grey and the top pale grey blue and made a start to the camo pattern, i will wait for it to dry as you can see ive lost a little painit to the masking tape then will complete the rest of it later.

I think ive got a pretty good match with the colours, any comments good or bad are welcome.

One thing about that uboat site is i started a search for the ship my grandad was on in WW2 it was a merchant navy ship but i dont know the ship name and my grandads name brings up nothing. All i know is that my grandad was 18 years old and on look out for uboats in the crows nest (i think thats right anyway) and he fell alseep on the job and yep the ship was torpedoed and sunk, my grandad and 9 others incuding an officer were on an open raft for 2 weeks and prusumed dead, the officer even had to draw his gun on my grandad to stop him drinking sea water i then belive they were picked up by another ship. I recently lost my dad and i got my grandads medals just a navy star and sevice medal (they were the one thing i wanted) but i know there was a newspaper arcticle with all the details about the incident which my nan had hanging on her hallway wall. I know my dad had a copy of this article but at this moment in time its in teneriffe. Ive just emailed one of my aunties to see if she knows the name of the ship, so fingers crossed.

Ok its done, lol the quickest model ive done so far and i have to say i did enjoy it, although my eyes are killing me now.

I took a few pics of the sub and a couple of it next to the bismarck and where they both will sit on display.

I got a few different light angles

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