Wednesday, 1 December 2010

7 year old King tiger model overhall, Before and after

One of the first ever models i made and airbrushed when i got into modelling 7 years ago.

In my opinion and honest friends it looked crap the camo was all wrong and the weathering rubbish so i thought i would see what i could do with a rinse clean and respray. Still got more work to do on it and it currently has a gloss coat over it.



Ok a few more update photos, tank has now had an oil wash, chipping/rust effect and dust and finally a matt varnish. I, didn't have much choice on the unit number on this tiger and its a famous tank which research shows wouldn't have had the dots on it but never mind, after all its my model. Just got my commander to paint up and add some more stowage


  1. Nice work, Paul !

    I love the way it looks quite garish and bright sitting on the workbench, but really, really works under natural light among the greenery. Exactly what camouflage is supposed to do !

  2. Pauls Scale Models8 December 2010 at 12:53

    Hi Sean thanks for the comments. I have alot of light on my workbench which does show models in an unnatural way but shows up flaws in the finishes (which is what i use the light for), funnily enough i have just bought a mini photo booth so that should improve the quality of my photos. You cant beat natural light for taking pictures though