Sunday, 13 March 2011

AFV 1/35 T34/76 Full interior

Ever since i first saw this kit ive wanted it, ive wanted to do a t34 for a while and with the full interior this is the kit i wanted.

Looks to be decent kit sadly with some flash evident, but nothing major. Good instructions as well as an good size colour drawing of a t34 are included, photoetch parts, plus a metal barrel and springs for the working suspension make this a well speced kit.

The working suspension can be seen here

And a start to the interior


Got the interior together, primer red on the chassis and an off white on the interior which i mixed from tamiya white and buff

I then sprayed a dirty black thinner wash (very dilute) over the entire interior then using fm white wash and mig oil stain and thinner weathered it all giving a mix of colours and tones.

I weathered the engine bay more using the oil stain wash as it would have gotten dirtier than the crew compartment.

Enigine with its first wash, ive still got some bits and bobs to attach and paint.


Some more progress, bit slower than normal progress as im doing some home renovations.

Gearbox, radiators, exhausts etc all spryed up and stage one of the weathering usiing mig washes, ill get some pigments on them later. I also got the rear section of hull attached too.


Got the interior fully weathered up now im fianlly happy with it and have moved on to the exterior. I added some diferent coloured pigments as well as a rust wash and finally another oil and engihe stain wash

I removed some of the wash from the crew compartment using thinner this left behind a worn effect to ares that would have collected dirt and grime.


Ok back at the t34 now.

Mangaged to get the turret togther and sprayed today, attached the manlet and the metal gun barrel, i will then weather all the interior of the turret in the same manor as the hull was done. Ime leaving the top of the turret lose to enable seeing inside the turret.

Ive done a seqeunce of pics to show how the certain parts can be veiwed.


Ok ive made a start on the winter camo scheme, starting with an overall coat of russian green. I will be following Mig jimenez guide in my osprey t35/76 book using filters and multiple layers of various paint.

Russian Green (Vallejo)
An varied coat of Vallejo air white, leaving some patches of green showing though
Then using tamiya enamels i dry brushed green brown and black around the grills and green all over the hull and turret. I then used the sponge method to add chipping and wear.
Then using a watered down vallejo white i mapped the entire tank, creating a patchy effect.
Next step a coat of sin industries tan filter, this with the enamel paints really brings all the tones together.

Ok Some more progress today, ive added some more whitewash to the paint scheme, brightening it up a bit more ive also added some more chipping to it too.

Using tamiya xf10 enamel and mig dark rust oil mixed i added some rust streaks and marks and using some thinner dragged thse down to give the effect of rust stains.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Tamiya 1/25th Jagdpanther

I went to modelzone to get this today. It cost £74.99 and it looks a beast of a tank. Ive also got Tamiya 1/35th Jagdtiger on the way too :thumb:

Ill get some sprue shots when i get started on it.

Shown next to a 1/35th king tiger you can see how big this thing is gonna be.

And one of the figures shown next to a 1/35th

Even though this kit is 40-50 years old it still looks a perfect kit to build, typical tamiya no flash etc etc. I cant wait to get started on this.


Ok i got started on this beast today.

Its a lovely kit, the fit is perfect and all the parts are nice and crisp with only a very small amount of flash to be found.

I looked everwhere for a pic of the box contents and a build in progress and found nothing so i intend to do as good a job as i can in building this and documenting its build.

Box and contents

A bit of history in the instructions.

Typical tamiya instructions, theres a copy in english a copy in japanese and a updated part too.

1st stage, torsion bars in, the simply clip in place.

This piece at the rear is screwed in position and is movable to allow the fitting and adjustment of the tracks.

Size comparision with a 1/48 me109

Hatches, tool racks and periscope covers on.

Wasnt happy with the spare track link holders. i thought something this scale sholud have better.

So with some plasticard and vice drill i set to work, cutting off the old holders and attaching my own, including the pins that hold them on.


Some more progress today.

Sprayed the interior and the inside of the doors a mix of tamiya flat white and buff.

Got the other side spare track holders done as well as adding a couple of rear studs to hold the towing cable on.

Added a round section of plasticard to the front tow cable stud (it needs sanding a little) i also added a couple of smll lengths of chain to the cleaning brushes tube.

Mg attached to its ball joint and a cable added for the headlight.

I removed a couple of sections of the side armour with a razor saw.

All primed up in vallejo primer ready for a base coat of tamiya dark yellow.

Road wheels ready for priming which is my next job.


Ok  its been sprayed in Tamiya dark yellow (XF60) and ive done the three tone camo using tamiya dark green (XF61) and red brown (XF64) . Ill say one thing you use alot of paint on  a model this size, especially so with the dark yellow.

Ive got one track on to test fit, just need to play about with the tensioner to get the right amount of sag, not too sure about to gerber track on the other side that may have to go.

Got got the tracks sprayed up in tamiya hull red then they were given a black pm wash, and once dry i scraped of the paint were wear to the tracks would appear i then sprayed an very thinned mix of tamiya xf1 and thinnner over it, i will dry brush tomorrow once its all dry.

I also used my mig tricolour filter wash, appleied all over once it blends the colours and also gives a more satin finish, ive no idea whhat it is or how it works but it doe seem to blend to colours a bit.


I started off toady by applyiing mig prductions 3 tone camo oil to blend the camo colours a bit, applied in spots, then using a flat brush dipped in thinner drag the oil down and blend it all in.

Its hard to see a difference on camera but it does the job well.

Oil blended in a coat of Flory models dark dirt wash was airbrushed all overand then a pin wash applied using vallejo acyrilic black "oils"


Ok decals are on, tools and towing cables etc have been sprayed worn and weathered, ive added an oil wash to the hatches tools etc and also added chipping effects to the tracks and high traffic ares (hatches handles etc)

Next up is weathering the exhausts and adding some mud then a matt coat.


Ok some pics of the finished model, not the greatest piics ill replace them with better ones at a later date.