Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Airfix 1/72 Hawk red arrows Display Duo

Got this kit from Hobby craft for a penny under £6, from what i belive the kit is one of airfix's retools and wow is it good, every part so far slots together perfectly .

Got the cockpit done today will spray the pilot later tonight.

Only thing i will say is that the decals are crap, i just hope its a one off on my kit as the instrument decals where a complete pita to do, i just hope the exterior ones are better or those whites stripes are gonna be a nightmare.

Pics so far.

Im rubbish at cockpits so..................erm...................... dont look

This is the vision i have for the display using coloured cotton wool as smoke

Well i went and got another red arrow hawk this morning, cockpit is now airbrushed (wasnt impressed with my brushpainting yesterday) am now goon airbrush as much as i can seeing as i bought an airbrush clenaing pot its muchh easier to clean it now between colours.

Gonna build these side by side step by step together, and as suggested will do the crossing planes with smoke trail

Ok got both the cockpits done, i airbrsuhed all of the 2nd and gbot a much better finish, so i will now be brushing as little as i can.

Both pilots are painted and i think they look spot on ( i need to add a bit of white to where the visor black went too far), you get 2 in each model but as far as i know they fly singelly so thats what im doing. They are nice figures too, with plenty of detail.

Both fuselages are glued together and pilots glued in position.

Im really enjoying this build and making 2 models side by side is nice too.

Bit pee'ed off today, just got roound to sorting the canopies out masking them etc and im missing the front section of one of them.

So i either have to email airfix and wait for them to sent me out a replacement or what i will prob do is go buy another hawk tomorrow, what a pita as without it i can only spray one of the hawks now.

Anyway a couple of pics of progress.

Colour wise i have gone for vallejo italian red which is a good match for the colour mixed with some white, one of the hawks had been primed and sprayed glossy red,so far its looking good.

Now the cotton wool, i have a wire thick ebough to support it and thin enough to not look out of place, for colour im gonna airbrush it to get the right effect.

The stand, well i have a airfix stand so using the plane mounts (which is now drilled and glued to the hawks)and the movable arm, using these i can pose the planes as i wish, i have some thin delrin black rod which im going to take into work tomorrow and get our gunsmith to put on his lathe and turn it to the corrct size to fit the arm. So itll be black mount ,arm and rod, base im not sure about yet, i may spray it red.

Im gonna go get a third hawk tomorrow (lol) and make the 3 hawk display, two crossing each other horizontally (20-30 degrees) and the third at the back climbing say 60degrees vertically. I just had an email of airfix saying that it my take a monthh to get me the part so the arrow at the back can be missing hte front section for now.

At this rate ill have the entire bloody display team..... 

Ok a few pics of hawk #1. The front section of the canopy needs attention. I added gloss varnish to the red paint do you think its glossy enough? Bear in mind this is under a white lamp though.

Ok i wasnt happy with the red colour so a bit more mixing and i found a shade im happy with. I resprayed both hawks the correct colour, all thats left to do now is a gloss coat and sort the smoke out and the stand.

 Next step is the smoke and diplay stand


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