Wednesday, 1 December 2010

1/48 Tamiya Panther type G.

I was given this and a mk3 by my good mate Nige who was in turn given it by another mate of ours.

My first foray back into armour and hopefully a kick up the backside to get me to complete my lovely dragon tiger 1.

The kits came with some Art of war resin figures and some PE so i got some good gear.

This might be the start of a small diorama titled "i told you to go left not right...mush" or however it would be said in German.

The panther was about 90% complete so i just had a few bits to glue on and i set about priming it all and gluing my two figures together

Next step is the base coat of dark yellow.

As the kit was given to me

Well i got my camo pattern done using white tack.

Ok i resprayed a few areas of the camo i wast happy with, its also had a coat of gloss to allow the acrylic oil washed to work, itll be matt coated inn a bit once all thhe tools and decals are sorted. Ive also weathered the road wheels and tracks, i would like some honest opinions on them as i think i may have done them too much. I also added some oil leaks to the hubs too, but again not sure what i think about them

Well i spent most of today chipping and oil washing the tank, i think it looks ok but again would like some comments or advice, i eed to dull down the silver chips a bit and there is still plety to do weatherng this tank

A bit more progress, still not 100% finished

A few pics in natural cover

Still got the figures to paint d the diorama to sort out, stay tuned

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