Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hasagawa Mitsubishi Zero Egg plane group build

My entry to the egg build


Right some progress.

Fusalage together.



Wings on sanded,polished,filled and primed



Tamiya Japanese grey underneath .



Got the prop engine and wheel struts sprayed..


Now the nose ahoy.d be black on this but I thought I would go a different way.


I mixed my own colours for,the shell using tamiya acrylics and used white and mix of yellows for the yolk.



This was then dotted with two different brown colours and then givea coat of Vallejo matt varnish.



Oto the canopy first today, there was a lot to mask up


Imsprayed the cockpit in tamiya interior grenn and the canopy was then glued in place, and the bottom section masked of for the dark green.



I glued the nose section in place and finished of the landing gear ready for the decals, the decals were an absolute pig most of them fell to pieces and I had to touch them up with paint, once they were applied I gave it a coat of Vallejo matt varnish ready for the final reveal




Cracking little kit apart from the decals.


Kit: hasagawa

Paints used : tamiya









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  1. Hi Paul. I found this post when researching how to mask cockpits for aeroplane models. I'm building an Hasegawa TBF Avenger Eggplane, hence my finding your Eggplane post. What do you use to mask the canopy on this model? Regards, Sebastian -