Saturday, 26 February 2011

Photo/diorama runway base

Been meaning to make a small runway base for taking pics of completed aircraft  and finally got round to it tonight, its just some 12mm mdf which i drew then scribed concrete sections in then primed and sprayed two different shades of grey then post shaded with a darker grey yet again. In the piccs the post shading looks really dark so i may lightne it tomorrow. im going to print off a background too that will fit inside my photo studio and hopefully make my photos a bit more interesting.

I should have taken pics as i made this but it not rocket science and only took me a couple of hours to make and most of this time was waiting for the paint to dry.


Ok did a bit more today weathered the surface with some pigments and dulled the surface in places and also added some oil leaks. I think it looks a bit better.

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