Saturday, 12 February 2011

Airfix JU 87 "stuka" Double build

I will be modelling these as the 1941 scheme with the yellow cowlings, one will be in flight on a display stand (for a friend as a thankyou) one will be on its landing gear (mine).

Cockpits sprayed up and ready for drybrushing and weathering

Fusalages together and wings attached

Primered and a coat of RLM70

Masked up ready for the rlm71

Camo splinter pattern sprayed on with RLM71

Crew for the inflight Stuka

One sprayed, one masked ready for paint before and after.

Masking tape mayhem.

Both splinter patterns sprayed

Masked off ready for the rlm65 on the undercarriage

Decals applied


Both completed models given a matt varnish


  1. very nice indeed Paul... you do some neat the work station, that is tidy! As is the blog....

    all the best


  2. Cheers Neil, thanks for the kind comments.