Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tamiya 1/35 Panther G

I got this last november for my birthday of my mate Nige, it built up within a couple of hours, a loverly little kit, and i sprayed its camo and left it at that. I got a bit fed up of doing armor and started doing different things instead but feeling like a change today i thought i would weather it up and complete its build, im not sure if i have some photos from when i made if i have ill post them up.

As i left it in november.

A white metal commander i won on ebay for £1.50 :thumb:

I drilled out the ends of the exhausts and added a little rust to the exhausts using mig pigments.

A bit of black promodeller black wash applied (ill take it off a little later).

Next installment later.


Ok got a little but more weathering done to this today, just a couple more jobs to do and paint the commmander and shes done

I added some mig "dark mud" pigments using their resin to the wheels and other areas where i reckon mud would collect, i also drybrushed areas they would show wear then i flicked some dirty thinner over the tank body finally finishing with a matt varnish.

Ill get some outdoor pics tomorrow

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