Thursday, 17 February 2011

Eduard 1/48 BF110-G4

This is the weekend edition of the kit and from what ive seen so far it looks fine, bit of flash here and there but the details are crisp and well defined.

Bit of progress on the front part of the cockpit.

And a start on the rear section.


Right bit of a jump in progress due to a very stressful couple of days.

Got it altogether now and this is where im up too, kit went together with no major dramas and little filler needed here and there but as said nothing major


I wanted quite happy with the mottling so i resprayed it, you probably cant see much difference but im much happier with it.


Got the canopies sorted again today bit happier this time round, i wasnt happy with the first mask so took it off stripped the paint and redid them. I also attached it to its in flight stand. Just (ha ha just?) got the front antenna and a few bits to attach underneath and shes all done.

Wasnt planning on doing any more tonight but with bugger all on the tv i thought i would go back, got the front antenna sorted and the top wire antenna done too using some cotton thread. The fornt sections were a little tricky to do , but by using superglue and with some tweezers its not too bad.

Finished pics.


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