Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Revell 1:32 Mk22 spitfire

I got this cheap from hobbycraft and after building the me109 i thought why the hell not do this.

I believe its a reboxed old matchbox kit from quite some time ago and alot of people who have made it have fit issues so it might be a fun build, great thing for a cheap kit it has the option to remove pannels to show the engine and one of the wing guns.

My first experience of airbrushing with tamiya acrylics so also a tester for me too. After starting this yesterday i come to realise that i need a spraybooth extractor as i was high as a kite last night as i didnt have my face mask on properly so ive ordered a booth.

So step one the engine, ive painted it up as i see fit and will add more detail tomorrow as well as weather/wear it up. I also drilled the exhausts so they had a more realstic appearence

Engine weathered up a bit and most of the cockpit interior sprayed in tamiya xf81 raf dark green 2.

Right cockpit all together sprayed and weathered, i even had a go at scratch making some seatbelts.

Glued the fuselage together what a dream this kit is, sorry i mean nightmare, i can see alot of filling and sanding needed.

Some pics of slow progress filled the fusealge without any major issues, wing roots and enginee covers are just a nightmare.

  Well its sanded as good as i can do, nowhere near perfect but who cares lol.

Coat of primer on it and got the props done too, got a bit more drive to get this done now this awful thing is together.

Got some camo on it today next step a coat of klear then the decals.

Ok decals on, exhaust painted and weathered again and coat of klear. Only thing is i seem to have lost my front landing gear, i have a feeling its in a bin bag of rubbish still attached to the sprue, so im gonna hve to pop out in a bit and have a look.

A wash next then a satin coat and then the canopies and its done, thank god.

Thank god its finished and i found my landing gear too.

Got some quick pics will get some better ones tomorrow. It aint no masterpeice but its ok for what how awful the kit was.

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