Thursday, 6 January 2011

Airfix Messerschmitt BF 109E Tropical-Promodeller Battle of Britain Group Build

I bought this trop kit by mistake but by using some older tamiya decals im going to do this as a jg26 me 109 based in france.

Box and sprue shots

A nice blurry pic DOH!

Bit more progress, the kit goes together loverly with most of it almost clipping together just as Phil (Promodellers Website)

Ive got the cockpit complete, not amazing but im happy with it. Followed phils build of the me 109 and used his techniques and found them very useful, cheers Promodeller.

BTW it looks like a gap on the fuselage infornt of the cockpit but its just paint, i even had to go check on the model itself just incase.

Well ive made some more progress over the last couple of days, got it sanded rescribed (badly) primed, pre shaded (again badly) and got the rlm 02, 65 and 71 camo pattern on.

I really need to work on my scribing (doesnt help that i dotn have a template yet as im still waiting on it from the states) i used a ected blass sprue edge to do this and slipped a few times , but its my first time so you live and learn and my first real preshading didnt go exactly to plan with thicker than i wanted lines but again see above lol. I wouldnt mind but i lost the shading in the paint all lessons learnt.

Decals on and another coat of klear.

Promodellers dark dirt wash on, waiting for it to dry. I have to say this wash is great, very easy to use and even easier to remove it gets a big  from me.

Ok all completed

A few firsts for me with this build, my first group build, my first panel rescribe, my first 1:48 aircraft and my first use of promodellers washes (which are superb by the way).

Me 109 JG26 Kommandeur Adolf Galland August 1940 France, battle scarred aircraft showing signs of dirt and some battle damage to the left wing.

Kit - Airfix
Decals -Tamiya
Paints - Vallejo Model colour and Model air
Washes - Promodeller

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