Friday, 28 January 2011

Aoshima 1/48 Airwolf

After watching phils (Promodeller) start on this kit in the old news shows and being a fan of the tv show when i was a kid i had to get one if these models.

Nice to get a display stand as i want to display this in flight as i always thought it looked cool with retractable undercarriage.

I didnt waste too much time on the cockpit as its almost all hidden when the body in on.

Ok some progress, got the fusalge together and a bit of mr surfacer sorted any seam lines. Need to mask off the windows next then a coat of primer.


10/2/11 update

Ok back at this now.

Primed in grey and the bottom half sprayed white then masked off ready for the black top coat. From what i can read online airwolf is actually a greeny grey black, but mine is black.

Black top coat, exhaust sprayed citadel chainmail, and blades sprayed black underneath, white on top and given yellow tips. Oh and i built the stand too.

Just a few more things to do, paint the guns attched the rocket tubes underneath and a few othe rbits need sorting then its a coat of satin varnish.

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