Thursday, 27 January 2011

Airfix 1;48 Spitfire mk1

I got the Douglas badar kit, but it contains everything needed to make either a mkv or mk1 spitfire so im going to build as a mk1 as my 2nd entry to the BOB build.

I need to get some suitable decals for it to put it at the BOB.

Box shot

Not a new tool kit but an old kit mixed with newer sprues.

I cant see much flash on the sprues and the fit although isnt great shouldnt pose much of  problem.

Cockpit components sprayed weathered and given a wash.

Fuselage together

Wings together

A bit of filler needed in places but nothing major

Bit more progress after major screw up by myself.

Decided to make the elevators posable so i cut them of with a knife and glued them in the down position

Cannopy masked and gluued in position.


Camo pattern sorted and sky grey painted underneath.

Fabric red gun covers sprayed on

Prop and landing gear sorted

 Ok all the decals are on a mixture of xtradecals and the airfix ones, the xtradecals look superb really good quality.

A coat of klear is on and drying next step is a promodel wash of dark dirt.

Ok finished but im not happy with it.

Im not sure just how dirty these would have got during the height of the Battle of Britain, but i expect they would have done a sortie then landed and probably would have refuelled and armed and went straight back out or certainly not sat on the ground for long anyway. So with that i wanted to do a really dirty stained plane, but i think ive gone overboard on the gun and exhaust staining.

Ill get some better pics tomorrow

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