Tuesday, 26 November 2013

1/48 Great wall Hobby Mig 29 "Fulcrum C" 9-13

So my kit, inbox review and my sprue shots

The Akan/Akah Paint set ill be using



The full build thread can be found here. http://intscalemodeller.com/viewtopic.php?f=133&t=2352

So finally finished it, fantastic kit, one of the best ive built.

Akan paints are just awesome, the nicest acrylic to airbrush by far, and the faded look to the paint work is brilliant, well happy with how that turned out.
The ultimate dark dirt wash worked wonders on the panel lines and landing gear.
Decals :bash: i counted them, over 325 altogether :ooops: it was along slog but worth it.
The "runway" base was a last minute decision yesterday, glad i did it now as it makes a more interesting photo
Lots of photos a mixture of canopy up and down
Lastly the ordanance on this kit is superb, really makes the kit just that little bit better



  1. I thought i would browse your blog Paul, just so i could ring up Steve and tell him where you are.
    i look at your builds and think that's the finish i wish to achieve and have learned alot on ISM and youtube, some methods i had done for years but it is fantastic to see how other modelers work and the how amazing the end result is.

  2. Just taking a look to your site... man your work is awesome, congratulations!!!

  3. And now you are on non active?
    when you gonna come back ??

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