Monday 30 May 2011

An Ebay bargain

I always have a look through the used section of ebays modelling part to see whats on offer, i spotted a listing the other day with a £700 start and a couple of days left, i decided to loan the money to buy the job lot keep what i wanted and sell the rest hopefully making some money on the way or at least making the money back and giving me what i wanted for free.

I eventually won with a total bid of £780 so drove the 240 mile round trip last sunday and picked it all up. I have a van and the job lot completly filled the floor of my van.

So what did i get.

Copied from the sellers listing

The Ultimate modelling collection 746 paints, 379 Humbrol enamel,76 Revell enamel, 111 Tamiya enamel,102 Tamiya acyclic,135 Valejo,32 model air , 6 Testors enamel ,18 Hannets enamel, 98% of these are brand new
Revell Omega Compressor. Badger Atlantis Compressor Revell Master Plus Airbrush. Tamiya HG Airbrush, Badger Airbrush plus one other, Spare needles hoses etc every tool you can think of Tamiya brushes thinners
fillers airbrush holders masking tape airbrush thinners theres just to much to list, Plus Airfix 1/48 TSR and 1/72 TSR plus extra decals for Both, 100's of new and part used decals, Tamiya Spares, all these items are in Excellent condition and has been collected over 30 years
modelling books Tamiya CD's Etc the paints alone are worth over £1.000 The Collection is worth over £3.000  This must be pick up only as theres far to much to post Listed as Used but 90% of this is Brand New, Cash on pick up preferred, Thankyou for Looking, Kenny,
ADDED ON 19/05/11
If this sale reaches £900 or over i will add these to the collection
Trumpeter 1.350 Scale HMS Hood + Upgrade Gun Barrel Set
1.350 USS Gettysburg + USS Mobile Bay
Armour Collection 1.48 Scale Mig 29 Russian Display Team + F18 Hornet
Osprey Modelling Books.... Plus Full Collection of Air Combat Collection Still Sealed

I actually won the auction for £720 and while at the sellers home i bought the extras listed at the bottom for just £50, the hms hood is worth £80 so i got a complete bargain
So some pics of what i got, not all of it is shown here these are the sellers ebay photos.

Not a bad haul if i dont say so myself. After spending 2 hours sorting through it all this is what i decided to keep.


I got 31 books which i was very happy about these must have cost well over £350 alone.

A load of modelling spares and variuos decals

And some very handy cd roms

The amount of stuff i have to sell is amazing and  i should easy make my money back giving all the stuff above for free, happy days.
Any way i think i have enough supllies to do anything now i wont have to buy a thing for quite some time.
Ill have to get a photo of my shelf of extra paints and sundries too


Tamiya 1/35 JagdTiger

Tamiyas kit looks superb as you would expect. The kit comes with some PE and a couple of leaflets showing camo patterns and some close up photos of the real thing, a nice touch it would be nice to see in everykit.

Anyway on to the pics of the box and contents.

Some reference material

The first bit of progress

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Tamiya P-51 Mustang

After making one of these for my mate a while ago i wanted to do one for myself. i had a bit of spare time over the past few days so got to starting it.

Great kits as usual from tamiya, it going together a dream.


Bit more progress, all built up sanded and buffed and then sprayed tamiya x1, Tis was allowed to dry while i spayed the nose cone x2. I then used citadel mytheril silver.