Thursday 11 April 2013

Airfix 1/72 P51 Mustang

NIt's a new tool kit and the detail looks spot on.

Made a start

Cockpit together and along with the fuselage halves sprayed interior green

Then some details picked out, given a thinned xf1 wash and dry brushed

Aftermarket resin pilot

Fuselage halves together and glued


Bit more progress on this All polished and resribed. Didn't realise there was a pilot figure with the kit, so I've used him instead of the aftermarket one, he just needs a wash ect to finish him Wings on and glued, paint from cockpit looks untidy as its been part sanded, it'll be fine once primed.

Ok so the pilot figure is in the cockpit, after having a below the knee double amputation (why do they never fit)

Theres two canopys in this kit so I've used one for now and will add the final one later, it saved masking it.

I then sprayed it in alclad gloss base, which was then taken back with 2500 grade wet and dry another coat of alcad black base was then sprayed and again taken back with the wet and dry.

Alclad duraluminium was then sprayed over this dulled primer, and again once dry taken back and a final coat of duraluminium was a sprayed.

Once this has had time to dry ill get it masked up for the red.

I forgot to get a pic of it in primer.

sorry about the blurry pic


Got the red tail and wing tips sprayed s well as the anti glare strip.


Ok so i masked and sprayed the steel around the exhausts, again I used alclad steel

Started the decalling and those two yellow strips looked a right pain so I masked and spayed the colour instead using xrtayrlics raf yellow.

And with all the decalling done and left to dry/set properly


Ok so the proper canopy was glued In place, as well as the tail section black parts sprayed on, and the airfix stand attached. The rear antenna didnt want to play ball and snapped getting it of the sprue, so I made a new one out of plasticard strip


The final pics, exellent little kit and a bargin at £7