Tuesday 20 August 2013

eModels.co.uk Video Build Tamiya 1/6 YZ250 Motocrosser

My next video build subject. Looking forward to this.
A big beast

To give an idea of scale

Part 1 "Click here"
Part 2 "Click here"
Part 3 "Click here"
Part 4 "Click here"
Part 5 "Click here"
Part 6 "click here"
Part 7 "Click here"

Brilliant kit, i really enjoyed building it, here some pics of the completed bike

Dragon 1/35 King Tiger with full extras and kubelwagen

Ok my GB Entry which I finally get to start tomorrow.  :thumb2:

This tiger will have a tri-tone Camo pattern, highly faded and weathered, although these late tigers would not have seen as much action as earlier tiger 1's it's still getting beat up :thumb1:

This is the Ultimate build of this tank for me (hence why ive spent over £220 on it now) and although its a late king tiger and wouldn't have had zimmerit mine has, late tigers also had a hard edged Camo pattern, mine will be soft edged and most tigers had the turret mg/cupola ring removed for ease of access, mine is present here. I'm not a rivet counter so don't care it's not 100% accurate date wise, I'm basically using artistic licence to build my favourite tank. A late king tiger with zimmeritt and soft edged Camo work.

So the kit and extras all that I'm waiting for is the photo etch, ammo boxes and mg34 belt ammo

The kit and sprues

Two sprues of these

There are three sprues of these

The kits extras, so metal barrel, wire tow roles some photo etch, and other bits too


The Camo pattern ill be doing

Some of my aftermarket extras

Friulmodel tracks

Eduard zimmeritt

Aber side skirts

Aber front and rear fenders

Aber tool set

Aber barrel cleaning rod set

Tamiya shells

Elefant towing clevis

RB, bucket, towing shackles and mg34 barrel which is just a work of art :bow::

This current build is over 30 pages long on www.intscalemodeller.com do far to much to post here, so heres a few pics with the tank fully build with all PE extras attached, before paint.
Once fully painted and weathered ill post completed pics here

The full build thread can be found here http://intscalemodeller.com/viewtopic.php?f=97&t=516