Tuesday 5 July 2011

Tamiya Jagdtiger 1/35th

Tamiyas kit looks superb as you would expect. The kit comes with some PE and a couple of leaflets showing camo patterns and some close up photos of the real thing, a nice touch it would be nice to see in everykit.

And a start to the hull.

The lower chassis section complete, not much to it really.

The gun assembled and attahce don it movable cradle
Hull on attached  with the front section taped on for now

And with the very top plate of hull attached thats it for now

Got some more done today, tank id all together now with just the roadwheels and the tracks to sort out.

The Photoetch grills attached.

I got Vallejos new dark yellow and red primer paints to try out and i think the red primer has done a good job of representing german red oxide primer. If i was to have it showing through more than i will b i would have matt coated it, to get it the proper flat finish.

I think it needs to be a bit more red really but for my use itll do fine.

I then sponged on some Vallajo masking fluid and gave it a coat of Vallejo model air dark yellow, once the 3 tone camo job is done ill remove the paint mask film and that will form the base of my weathering chipping with the primer showing through with bare metal

Ok got the 3 tone camo done and im happy with it. So today proceeded to apply a sin industries filter and a mig oil filter too.



Bit of a jump in progress as ive been busy at home.

Weathering near complete

The driver painted up, given a couple of washes and matt coated.

All completed