Wednesday 27 February 2013

Finally back at it

I've not done much modelling over the last year due to this and that, but I'm back at it now, I've updated a few older builds on here that I've completed but there's still more that need completion.


I've also completed the building of my new modeling workshop. The full build is documented on here look for the build on the right hand side of the page.


Ive updated the tamiya rc166 bike thread and the academy hurricane too.

Plus I've added a couple of ME 262 builds and egg plane build and a couple of me109 builds too.


Thanks for looking



Hasagawa 1/72 ME 262

I've been wanting to build one of these for ages and I've now got a few in my stash, so thought I would start with this.

It's a double kit allowing two different aircrafts to be build.



Only one kit shown here.




Quick progress this afternoon. The basic cockpit was installed after being sprayed rlm 66 as well as the side sidewalls of the fuselage. Wings together as well as the engines all glued together awaiting Some mr surfacer.


First progress update.

All together polished filled and masked

Primed with Vallejo grey primer and shown next to the 1/144.

Rlm 76 was sprayed underneath and on the side of he fuselage.this was then masked up for the rlm 74. I also freehand sprayed the rlm 74 and 75 camo to the top

Somewhere along the way I must have had cellulose thinner on my finger as it ate into the plastic.

I then masked and sprayed the rlm 75 splinter Camo.

Ok got his bugger finished, it was an ok kit but did have some fit issues in places, it came out ok in the end though. Decals were awful and the onesi had spare silvered like hell.



First time using ez line too, much easier to use than thread.





Trumpeter 1/144th ME 262

Thought I would build this alongside the 1/72 It even comes with a little kettlekrad.







Right ok, after being primed in Vallejo grey primer, I gave the underneath and sides a coat of xtracylix rlm 76' I then started on the Camo pattern by freehand spaying the rlm 82 to the sides and wing tops leaving just a slight showing of the rlm 76 at the bottom of the fuselage.

Next the step I've not been looking forward too, the rlm 83 mottling, hard enough on a 1/48 for me never mind a 1/144. I thinned the xtracylix 83 more than normal a d lowered the compressor pressure to around 15 psi and set to work. I'm rather happy with the result and think it looks ok, as usual I open to any comments or suggestions.


Lastly today I spayed the tail top in tamiya flat red and dipped the nose cone with same paint, once allowed to dry for a while I gave both my 262's a coat of klear ready fror decalling.




Ok a bit leap to the completed model, everything happens so quick with these little buggers.

I got the kettenkrad, spayed and weathered and used the base from my harrier to display it.





Hasagawa Mitsubishi Zero Egg plane group build

My entry to the egg build


Right some progress.

Fusalage together.



Wings on sanded,polished,filled and primed



Tamiya Japanese grey underneath .



Got the prop engine and wheel struts sprayed..


Now the nose ahoy.d be black on this but I thought I would go a different way.


I mixed my own colours for,the shell using tamiya acrylics and used white and mix of yellows for the yolk.



This was then dotted with two different brown colours and then givea coat of Vallejo matt varnish.



Oto the canopy first today, there was a lot to mask up


Imsprayed the cockpit in tamiya interior grenn and the canopy was then glued in place, and the bottom section masked of for the dark green.



I glued the nose section in place and finished of the landing gear ready for the decals, the decals were an absolute pig most of them fell to pieces and I had to touch them up with paint, once they were applied I gave it a coat of Vallejo matt varnish ready for the final reveal




Cracking little kit apart from the decals.


Kit: hasagawa

Paints used : tamiya