Wednesday 20 April 2011

P51 Hasagawa Egg plane- Easter group build

Not been modelling much latley renovating my house it taking up alot of my free time and leaving little for modelling.

My t34 is on hold while i do the egg plane, ill then finish that then im gonna do my 1/48 p51 as practise for the my multi engine build b17, and ten ill be in the armor sig.

Anyway nice little kits these egg planes but not much construction is needed anyway here is my progress up to now, its primed and ready for its black undercoat before the silver citadel is sprayed on.

Right a bit more progress guys i gotta get a move on with this not long left now.

She was sprayed the interior colour then the canopy masked and placed on then given 3 coats of citadel mytheril silver (sp?)

Then the pilot was painted and given some eyes too.

A quick pic of the decalling process, sorry for the lack of build process lack of time meant i didnt give this my usual full attention.

And some pics of the completed model