Tuesday 29 November 2011

Tamiya 1/12th Honda R166

Ive wanted this kit for a while so i splashed out the £50 it cost and bought it


Well i finally got the engine finished, but i can see a few bits that need attention in the close up pics.


I used mainly alclads and tamiya acrylics, fisrt time ever using alclad and i love it especially the grey primer and micro filler

The frame primed and ready for gloss black
Well i got my replacement wheels after cocking up the first set by not reading the intrsuctions properly.

The frame was sprayed black then the rear section attached annd screwed to the frame, now on to the front section

I thought I would get back on this as its sat there looking at me.

I got the front wheel together, which is a pig of a job getting the spokes to line up properly.

I then primered and sprayed it in alclad.

Brakes and front suspension were next, again sprayed using alclad in various shades.

Lastly today the front fender was glued together and then a bit of dissolved putty applied.

A little bit more done today too

Got the fairing primered in alclad gloss black primer. Fantastic paint and as its cellulose based its touch dry in minutes. Plus with it being gloss its a great primer for gloss finishes

This was then sprayed in tamiya titanuim acrylic.

Had a look at the front wheel arch and was not happy with the finish as there were some fill marks not properly filled. So I sanded it back a d filled it with mr hobby filler.

Once dry it was sanded back and polished to a high shine

And then primed and sprayed as the fairing was.

Ill leave these for 24 hours to harden fully then will gloss coat ready for decals.

Getting there now not a massive amount left to do till its complete.

Well I started glossing the body panels all going well until I fooked up and had a load of overspray on the main fairing and as the gloss is cellulose based,it made the body colour run.

So I sanded it back with some 2500 grade wet and dry and resprayed the titanuim silver. Just needs glossing now.

The front wheel arch, fuel tank and seat holder turned out well enough, and once the fairing has been glossed ill get them decaled up.

I have also attached the front wheel arch and added the brake lines.

Got the tank decaled and glossed today and also got the seat mounted too.

Decalling the fairing next

Finished at last

Will get some better quality pics tomorrow.









Some better quality pics with my good camera.