Friday, 9 December 2011

Revell 1/144 F18D Hornet

Thought i would go for one of these little un's as a quick and cheap entry to the SIG.

Not much in the box, but what there is its tiny.

Ill be using vallejo and tamiya acrylics for this build, everything else will be done as and when i come to it, being a jet i dont even know what colour the plane should be so im sort of going to wing it as i go

Right got the tiny cockpit together and sprayed Vallejo model air 48 (dark sea grey, i think)

Fusalage togther

Sanded and polished, canopies masked and glued in place. This F18 will be displayed on a stand in flight.

Primed in Vallejo Grey primer.

A little more progress, got the paint scheme sorted using vallejo model air 48 and 50 (ill have to double check that).

What a pain masking such a small plane.

Also primed the exhaust nozzles with black gloss base Alclad and then sprayed it with alclad steel.

Ok sprayed the tails tamiya xf1 black ready for the decals, its had a coat of klear again ready for the decals and ive sprayed and attached the exhausts. They were sprayed a two tone of alclad steel and stainless steel.

Well its finished and what a fidley little kit, the decals were a complete pain in the backside, especially the ones around the canopy, i ended having to touch it up with tamiya xf1.

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