Monday, 12 December 2011

Airfix 1/72 Spitfire Mk1/2a

Got a few days till the harrier sig so these quick to build little kit should fit the bill.

Not a bad little kit for the money £6 (i think)  bit of flas here and there but nothing drastic. Fit was ok with just a bit of filler needed. One of airfixs new tools so shows thye are doing their tuff better now. Ive got alot of these new tools to buiold so hopefully they will all go together as well.

Fuselage glued together and drying

Sanded filled and polished and with the anopy masked ready for primer.

After a coat of Vallejo grey primer, ready for an attempt at preshading

Well I woke up this this morning to find an escaped mental patient had preshaded my spitfire. Might have well sprayed it all black

Xtracrylics sky was then sprayed. My first time using this paint but it went on with no dramas and I have to say I do like them
Most of the "preshading" was covered most probably for the best

Little more progress i got the xtracrylics dark earth on then masked using white tack and then applied xtracrylics dark green. It need touching up in places.

Ok it's been a while since an update on this kit as I've been busy with the harrier sig.

Managed to get it finished today at last, a nice little kit, not perfect but good for a new tool air fix although the decals were a little thick.

I softened the edge of some of the Camo as it was a little jagged in places! It also need touching up places as the masking tape had pulled a bit of paint off here and there.

She was sprayed with Coat of vallejo matt varnish then a wash of flory models dark dirt applied and then washed off, I then sprayed some exhaust and gun stains, leaving it looking used but not abused. For the aerial wire I used a piece of my girlfriends hair, it was a bit tricky to superglue in place about works well. The exhaust was sprayed using alclad gunmetal.

This is now mounted on an air fix double display stand in flight and I'll build my academy hurricane to 'fly' alongside it.

As usual and comments or critism is welcome.

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  1. Looking good so far, Paul. I ordered a 1/72 late- Mk photo recce Spit by fact it should have arrived by now!