Friday, 25 November 2011

Tamiya 1/72 p-51 mustang

Got this the other day as a bit of a filler while i wait for the replacement wheels for my honda 166 bike which i messed up and had to get a replacement set

It only got £11 for this little kit, you dont get much in the box but you do the option of 3 different aircraft marking which is good.

I m going for a NMF using alclads (my first on an aircraft).

Progress is lightening fast on this little kit, the cockpit was airbrushed in intrior green and black added were needed, it was then all drybrished iin silver and  weather using thinned tamiya xf1.

I then primed it in alclad black gloss base and then sprayed it in alclad airfame alluminium the first coat when on great and looked superb if a little to shiny for a p51, the 2nd coat however went pearshaped with cloudy patches forming in certain places, im not sure what had happened maybe some else with more experience using alclad can shed some light, the weird clouding can be seen on the right wing in this pic. I even primed it again and tried spraying it airframe alloy again and this time it went funny right away, im wondering if i may have got some thinner in the paint somehow (imn ot suure how though, i i didnt tip any unused paint back the bottle, that i can remember anyway


Anyway i decided to repsray it using polished alluminuim and it went on perfect and gives a better less shiny look.


Well its all finished, a nice quick little built that went together with tamiyas usual ease, my first use of alclads and i have to say that are superb the finish is second to none, and today ive been out and bought four more aircraft to finish in NMF.

I got some better pics today


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  1. Looking good so far mate. I have this in the stash. So I will be watching how you progress.