Tuesday, 29 November 2011

1/72 Tamiya P-47 thunderbolt

Another 1/72 for me and again in a NMF scheme.
Bit more to this kit compared to the p-51 i did last, theres a bit more to do build wise. Im running out of spce to store my built models so these 1/72 are ideal for me until i get my new man cave (a 20'x8' out door workshop), ive got so many large kits i want to  build but ill hae nowhere safe for them to be displayed i guess they will have to wait a while, anyway.....

Ok ive added a few variations to some panels in a random manor and ive also used dull aluminium on the ailerons and elevators, i then used aluminium and semi matt aluminium on the panels. I also sprayed the nose aluminium too.
I need some opinions on the dull aluminum does it look too out of place as its a drastic change to the main colour of polished aluminum?
One word of warning always make sure the lid is on the alclad bottle before shaking, as you can see by my polished alloy bottle i didnt check, luckily i had my thumb in the cap, at least i have some nice shiny spots on my face ear, hand, my nice grey hoodie and my jogging bottoms

Well its all done, not perfect by any means, i screwed up a couple of panels lines (on the right hand side just above the "WF" decal and on the ring hand wing gun) i also lost the left hand wing light lens to the carpet monster

The alclad really does show any flaws up, but i guess its a learning curve ad these cheaper models are ideal.

Some pics

The chequered flag decals on the nose were an absolute pain to apply.

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