Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Academy 1/72 Hurricane

This will be displayed in flight alongside the spitfire i did recently.

Looks like an ok kit and only cost £6.99

Box shots.


Well I got started on this cockpit together and sprayed with xtracrylics 1010 grey/green and the fusalage glued, ready for some weathering in the cockpit and sanding the seam lines


Right got this little bird all sanded and polished and given a coat of Vallejo grey primer.

Then the top was given a coat of xtracrylics ocean grey.

I then used white tack sausages to mask the pattern and sprayed the xtracrylics dark green.


Next up masking for the sea grey underneath
Due to the poor quality decals this is on hold till i get some aftermarket ones for it
Update 2013

Well After the disaster with the kit decals falling to bits I got somemore for it.

Ok finished this today.

I got these decals from emodels they were only abut £3 and it showed as they were rubbish. They fell to bits as well as a bugger,to lay down plus,they silvered in places too. Any way there on and my double display with the spitfire i did earlier is done. I used a long head hair off my girlfriend for the antennas.






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  1. Looks good so far, i am always curious how you all get the camo down so well???